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Easy Tips to Keep your Water Well In Shape- Friday, December 19, 2014

Water is a very important part of everyones life and when your Water Well starts having issues it can be very problematic. That being said as long as you properly maintain your Water Well you should be able to avoid those issues. Here are a few tips to make sure your water runs smoothly. 

  • Have your Well Checked Once a Year to insure that Drinking water is clean. Make sure the maintenance personnel also runs a Bacteria Test. If you need to run a Bacteria Test feel free to contact Florida Pump Service and we'll take care of it for you.

  • Routinely make sure that Hazardous things such as paint or motor oil have not found their way into your Well and also make sure that anything hazardous around the well is removed.

  • It seems like a no brainer but it is very important to make sure the Well Cover is not damaged. This will prevent things from leaking into the Well.

  • When doing Landscaping make sure that the top of the well is a good distance (1 ft +) above the ground to avoid getting debri in the Well.

  • Always make sure to put your well records in a dedicated place. This will help your maintenance personnel if there is ever an issue with your Well

  • Always be cognoscente of changes going on around your well to insure nothing is a danger to it.

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How to Clean Clogged Impeller- Tuesday, December 16, 2014

*Make sure to disconnect all power to your Pool Pump Before doing anything else*

1. Many Pool Pumps will have a clamp or a nob that will allow you to remove the Pool Pump from the Water System.

Remove Pump
*When pulling off motor from pump the motor may be hot so be careful*

* Make sure water valves are closed so area doesnt flood*

2.Grab the back of the motor and pull it away from the Water System. (You may have to wiggle it at first)

3.Now you will need to remove the Diffuser which is covering the Impeller. You will need to unscrew the Diffuser from the Pump.

Diffuser Impeller Diagram

4. Now that the Impeller is exposed you need to look at it and identify what is clogging it.

Clogged Impeller

5. Once you identify it, take a wire or something that you can fit in through the side of the impeller to get the debri out.

*Pliers can also be helpful to get debri out.

6. Once the Impeller is clean you will need to reattach the Diffuser and tighten all of its screws

7. Reattach pump to Water Filter system

8. Tighten Clamp or Nob to secure Pump

9. Prime the Pump. Here are instructions
    How to Prime a Jet Pump

10. Make sure to reopen water valves.

11. Turn Power back on

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A Brief History Of FE Myers Water Pumps- Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Myers Florida Pump Service

Myers Water Pumps are some of the most popular Pumps in the U.S and abroad. They revolutionized the Water Pump Industry and made many very important technological advancements. Here’s a look at their history.

After the Civil War there were many opportunities for those with ambition and Francis E. Myers was among them. In 1870 Francis and his brother Philip stopped working on their father’s farm and began “The F.E. Myers & Bro. Company”. Francis and Philip both played very important roles in the company’s success. Francis was known as a great sales person and was able to handle the business end of things while Philip was acknowledged as a “mechanical genius “.

FE Myers caught its first break when they patented a Double Action Pump. The pump allowed water to flow in a stream instead of coming out erratically. Although the Double Action Pump was successful, FE Myers big break happened after they patented a Water Pump with a special glass vale seat that would not leak or corrode. The design was wildly popular and forced Myers competitors to purchase it through them.  

Myers Glass Valve Seat Patent

With the success of their patents and designed the Myers brothers needed help and brought on their other two brothers, Alvah and Denton. The company continued to grow and just 12 years after starting the company boasted having 30,000 dealers that were selling their water pumps. Fe Myers died in 1923 and left the company in the hands of Philip who then passed away in 1932. FE Myers continued its success even through the stock market crash of 1929.

In the 1950’s the demand for household water pumps was dwindling so Myers began manufacturing Water Filtration and Water Softening Systems. They also saw a demand for more efficient water pumps and began manufacturing them. Myers was sold to McNeil Machine and Engineering Co. in 1960. Twenty Six years later Pentair Inc purchased McNeil and still sells Myers Brand Pumps today.


A History of F.E. Myers and Bro., By Jan Shellhouse,

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Don’t Let Your Pool Drain Your Account: Picking the Right Pool Pump - Friday, December 5, 2014

Adding a pool to your house can be a very exciting experience. You finally made it and now you have so many choices to make to have the pool of your dreams. With all of this excitement it is very easy to overlook some very important things that will have a big impact on your wallet over time.

One aspect of your pool that is very important is the Pool Pump that you choose. Single Speed Pumps are very common among pools because they are relatively inexpensive. One thing to keep in mind with when buying a pool pump is that you don’t want to think of the purchasing price but rather the cost to operate the pump. This is very important as it will save you money in the long run.

The way to make sure you save more money long term is to buy either a Two Speed or Variable Speed Pool Pump. These pumps allow you to change speed they are running at. With these pumps you can set the pump to run at a high speed when you are doing something intensive (ie vacumming the pool) and the rest of the time run it at a lower speed. This will save you 40 to 70 percent on monthly costs.

Many people are also under the misconception that the more Horsepower a Pool Pump has the better it is. Higher Horsepower does mean that the pump is more powerful but it definitely doesn’t mean it runs more efficiently. In fact, on top of having a Two Speed or Variable Speed Pump, the lower horse power your Pump runs at the more money you save on energy costs.

Pool Pump Cost Performance 

Cost Breakdown of Pump Size to Operating Cost




These are just a few of the very important tips that will make sure your pool doesn’t drain your bank account.

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