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Water Jet Pump Wont Start?- Tuesday, January 13, 2015

There are a number of issues that a Jet Pump can have. Among those issues there are a few that are quite common. We are going to go over some common issues to check that will most likely get you’re your Water Pump up and running if it will not start at all.


-The Zone Valve may not be opening. This makes it so that water can’t flow through the Pump. Check to see if your Water Systems pressure has dropped. If so this could definitely be your issue.

- Check the Circuit Breaker. Check all of the circuits and wires to see if any wires are disconnected or if you can see obvious damage.

-Is your Motor Set to the correct Voltage? This mistake happens a lot more than one might think. There is usually a switch that you can toggle between the motors different voltage options. (This is assuming that you don’t have a Single Speed Pump.)

- Check Wiring on motor.  Just like you checked the Circuit Breakers wires, now you want to check the actual wiring on the motor.

- Not getting any Voltage? Make sure to see how much, if any, voltage you are getting from the side of your motor. If you are not getting any voltage the pressure switch could be the issue.

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How to Clean Clogged Impeller- Tuesday, December 16, 2014

*Make sure to disconnect all power to your Pool Pump Before doing anything else*

1. Many Pool Pumps will have a clamp or a nob that will allow you to remove the Pool Pump from the Water System.

Remove Pump
*When pulling off motor from pump the motor may be hot so be careful*

* Make sure water valves are closed so area doesnt flood*

2.Grab the back of the motor and pull it away from the Water System. (You may have to wiggle it at first)

3.Now you will need to remove the Diffuser which is covering the Impeller. You will need to unscrew the Diffuser from the Pump.

Diffuser Impeller Diagram

4. Now that the Impeller is exposed you need to look at it and identify what is clogging it.

Clogged Impeller

5. Once you identify it, take a wire or something that you can fit in through the side of the impeller to get the debri out.

*Pliers can also be helpful to get debri out.

6. Once the Impeller is clean you will need to reattach the Diffuser and tighten all of its screws

7. Reattach pump to Water Filter system

8. Tighten Clamp or Nob to secure Pump

9. Prime the Pump. Here are instructions
    How to Prime a Jet Pump

10. Make sure to reopen water valves.

11. Turn Power back on

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A Brief History Of FE Myers Water Pumps- Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Myers Florida Pump Service

Myers Water Pumps are some of the most popular Pumps in the U.S and abroad. They revolutionized the Water Pump Industry and made many very important technological advancements. Here’s a look at their history.

After the Civil War there were many opportunities for those with ambition and Francis E. Myers was among them. In 1870 Francis and his brother Philip stopped working on their father’s farm and began “The F.E. Myers & Bro. Company”. Francis and Philip both played very important roles in the company’s success. Francis was known as a great sales person and was able to handle the business end of things while Philip was acknowledged as a “mechanical genius “.

FE Myers caught its first break when they patented a Double Action Pump. The pump allowed water to flow in a stream instead of coming out erratically. Although the Double Action Pump was successful, FE Myers big break happened after they patented a Water Pump with a special glass vale seat that would not leak or corrode. The design was wildly popular and forced Myers competitors to purchase it through them.  

Myers Glass Valve Seat Patent

With the success of their patents and designed the Myers brothers needed help and brought on their other two brothers, Alvah and Denton. The company continued to grow and just 12 years after starting the company boasted having 30,000 dealers that were selling their water pumps. Fe Myers died in 1923 and left the company in the hands of Philip who then passed away in 1932. FE Myers continued its success even through the stock market crash of 1929.

In the 1950’s the demand for household water pumps was dwindling so Myers began manufacturing Water Filtration and Water Softening Systems. They also saw a demand for more efficient water pumps and began manufacturing them. Myers was sold to McNeil Machine and Engineering Co. in 1960. Twenty Six years later Pentair Inc purchased McNeil and still sells Myers Brand Pumps today.


A History of F.E. Myers and Bro., By Jan Shellhouse,

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DIY Replace Shallow Well Jet Pump- Thursday, November 13, 2014

DIY Replace Shallow Well Jet Pump

Removing Old Jet Pump

Step 1 Shut off Electric from Electrical Panel

Step 2 Isolate/ Shut off Water to the House/Building

Step 3 Disconnect Electrical Wires connected to Switch

Step 4 Disconnet Suction Line from the Head of the Pump.

* Tip: Make sure to have Bucket or Tub to catch water

Step 5 Disconnect Water Line going to the Pressure end of the Pump

Step 6 Remove Schraeder Vale to Release Vaccum

Step 7 Open Valve to Drain tank until it empties

Wooo... Now that we got that out of the way it is time to put in your New Shallow Jet Pump . If you don't have one yet check out our selection HERE

Step 1 Check existing Water Connections for any serious alignment issues with New Jet Pump

Step 2 Install Existing Pipe into the Bladder tank of the New Pump

Step 3 Install new Mounting Bracket to Bladder Tank

Step 4 Mount New Shallow Well Jet Pump to Bladder Tank

Step 5 Wrap Telflon Tape around Brass Bushing 3 times for Suction

Step 6 Reinstall Fiited Piping to the Jet Pump Head

Step 7 Reinstall Fitted Piping to Pressure Side of Pump

Step 8 Set pump Electrical Requirements

Step 9 Use Teflon tap to wrap secure pipes together

Step 10 Reconnect Jet Pump to Water Piping

Step 11 Reconnect Electrical Supply

Step 12 Check for Operation and Leaks

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