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DIY Replace Shallow Well Jet Pump- Thursday, November 13, 2014

DIY Replace Shallow Well Jet Pump

Removing Old Jet Pump

Step 1 Shut off Electric from Electrical Panel

Step 2 Isolate/ Shut off Water to the House/Building

Step 3 Disconnect Electrical Wires connected to Switch

Step 4 Disconnet Suction Line from the Head of the Pump.

* Tip: Make sure to have Bucket or Tub to catch water

Step 5 Disconnect Water Line going to the Pressure end of the Pump

Step 6 Remove Schraeder Vale to Release Vaccum

Step 7 Open Valve to Drain tank until it empties

Wooo... Now that we got that out of the way it is time to put in your New Shallow Jet Pump . If you don't have one yet check out our selection HERE

Step 1 Check existing Water Connections for any serious alignment issues with New Jet Pump

Step 2 Install Existing Pipe into the Bladder tank of the New Pump

Step 3 Install new Mounting Bracket to Bladder Tank

Step 4 Mount New Shallow Well Jet Pump to Bladder Tank

Step 5 Wrap Telflon Tape around Brass Bushing 3 times for Suction

Step 6 Reinstall Fiited Piping to the Jet Pump Head

Step 7 Reinstall Fitted Piping to Pressure Side of Pump

Step 8 Set pump Electrical Requirements

Step 9 Use Teflon tap to wrap secure pipes together

Step 10 Reconnect Jet Pump to Water Piping

Step 11 Reconnect Electrical Supply

Step 12 Check for Operation and Leaks

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