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Shallow Well Contract

This contract describes what we will provide, plus our guarantee and terms and conditions, pertaining to the job. Please read this information carefully. If you wish to schedule a shallow well, please call us at 904.269.0202. We will mail or email you a Shallow Well contract, which you will sign and mail back in with a $150 deposit. Your work will be completed in approximately 15 days from the date we receive your signed contract and deposit. If you have any questions regarding this contract, please feel free to call our office for assistance.


  • Shallow Well (Hole only) $895 plus tax
  • ½ HP Package $1,345 plus tax
  • ¾ HP Package $1,395 plus tax
  • 1 HP Package $1,495 plus tax

1. We will provide a 1¼” PVC Shallow Well (SW) drilled up to 50’. (There is an additional charge of $9 per foot if the well goes over 50’.) We will install a SW pump system on a small cement pad that includes a SW jet pump, a 2 gallon bladder tank, a check valve, two ¾” hose bibbs and an 8’ power cord. The system will be primed and placed into service.

2. You must have a permit to drill an irrigation well (non-drinking water) in the Town of Orange Park, Clay County, Duval County, and St. Johns County. Applications must be submitted with a copy of your survey with the proposed well location marked. If you live in the Town of Orange Park the permit fee is $5. If you live in Clay or St. Johns County the application fee is $60. In Duval county the fee is $150. The Department of Health in Clay County is open 7:30 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday and is located at Highway 16 and West Street behind theHRS Clinic. In St. Johns County, the Dept Of Health is at the courthouse on U.S. 1 & Lewis Speedway Dr. In Duval County the permit is through the Environmental Quality Division at 407 North Laura Street, third floor, downtown. You must have the permit prior to the day your well is drilled or we will be unable to drill.

3. The Town of Orange Park also requires that a backflow preventer be installed. This will need to be completed by your licensed plumber. Once it is completed, we can proceed with our work and the shallow well portion of your job. The Town of Orange Park also requires a $5 permit fee for the backflow preventer.

4. Our standard job includes installing the well and pump system above ground within 8’ of a 110 or 220 volt electric outlet (220 volts is optimal because the pump will run cooler.) The best location is 3’ away from your home with many people choosing to place it next to the A/C box so the pump equipment is less noticeable. (By law, we are not permitted to wire the pump into the A/C box). Customer must have proper electricity available at the pump site to set and test the equipment. It is possible to install the well nearly anywhere on your property because the drilling process does not involve any heavy equipment. It is jetted down with a handheld device. At an additional cost, we can locate the pump system over 25’ from the well (select Option 5). Our price does not include connecting the well and pump system to your irrigation system. The cost for this service is $7.00/ft for material and labor, with a minimum charge of $35.00 (select Option 8). Our prices assume that it is regular dirt and/or grass that we are digging through rather than concrete, asphalt or heavy roots. The minimum cost for us to install your existing pump and tank to the new well is $225 (offset options and costs apply).

5. The well is guaranteed (material and labor) for one year from the date of installation unless we have a drought for a long period of time or any other natural disaster that would affect the production of the well (please understand that this will be determined by our technician). The pump and tank are guaranteed, in our shop, for one year (material and labor). Our job labor is guaranteed for 90 days. If the system is under warranty, and you have a problem, be sure to call us first or risk voiding the warranty. All warranty work is performed during normal operating hours Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

6. We cannot guarantee the quality of the water your well will produce. There is an 80% chance the water will contain iron that may stain your driveway or sidewalk orange. If this becomes a problem, we can install an “iron-out” system that will eliminate the majority of the iron (option 6 below). This system costs an additional $425 (plus tax) installed. The chemicals to operate the system will cost you approximately $25 per month.

7. It is not uncommon for shallow wells to produce some sand or sediment. After we install the SW pump system, we pump the well off and try to clear out most of the debris. This may take a few hours of constant running to clear out the debris. To avoid clogging, make sure the sediment is cleared out before hooking up your sprinklers. We are not responsible for any sprinkler or sprinkler valve problem due to debris. We recommend that you install a special cleanable filter at the pump to eliminate the majority of the sand and sediment. We can install one at an additional cost, please select Option 3 below.

8. Shallow wells vary in the quantity of water they produce, from 6 gallons per minute (GPM) to 25 GPM. We cannot guarantee an exact quantity; however our minimum standard is 6 GPMor we do not consider it a producing well. If we are not successful in achieving 6 GPM, there will be a minimum charge of $250. If you have signed up for a 1 hp-20 GPM well and pump system and the well only produces 15 GPM, we will install a ¾ hp pump in lieu of the 1 HP pump and reduce your cost by $50. The same applies to ¾ hp-15 GPM to ½ hp-10 GPM.

9. The standard pumps (½, ¾ and 1 hp) we install on shallow wells are Starite SW pumps. These are high quality and very reliable pumps. If you desire, we can install a Goulds or Sta-rite SW pump at an additional cost (select Option 1 or 2 below)

10. Because some jobs require more time than others do, it is difficult for us to guarantee a certain day that the well will be drilled. It is not necessary for you to be home when the well is drilled. You should mark where you would like the well placed with a stake (or other marker) and call to tell us the general area to look for the marker. We will do our best to give you a days notice of drilling the well, but please keep in mind that we sometimes run into complications on jobs prior to yours that may cause us not to be available on the originally scheduled day. The well will be drilled one day and we will return within two to three days to install the equipment. Final payment of the balance is due at the time the pump and tank installation is complete.


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